Buzz Off, Roundup!

Buzz Off, Roundup! Mixed media: acrylic, rice paper & marker on canvas, 16" x 20."  I fell in love with bee buzzing as different types of bees traveled from wild flower to wild flower in our organic garden. Of course, bees are vital to pollination, plant life cycles and therefore, us as well! Then I discovered according to Friends of the Earth, that Bayer & Syngenta are producing pesticides, called neonicotinoids, which are destroying bees (and other insects,birds & aquatic life as well!). Roundup is one of the results which the EPA is allowing to be kept on the market--most likely due to strong lobbying efforts by Bayer & Syngenta. I had to create a piece which mixes slivers of informative articles about these neonicotinoids with three bees. In my garden the assortment of bee types are often camaflouged, but I can locate them by their mesmerizing buzz. I am very grateful for bees & am doing what I can to assure not only their continuation but also their thriving!!!